Exogenous HGH & Additional Carb Intake


I’m over 50. I plan to start a first-time exogenous HGH regimen involving modestly dosed pre-workout injections (3 days per week), for about the next three months. (I realize this modest regimen might end up being a money waster, but I’m doing it anyway.) As a rule, I watch my carbs, generally limiting my concentrated intake to peri and post. (Just re-ordered some Plazma, great product- Biotest’s best in my view.)

Anyway, I’ve heard exogenous HGH indicates additional carb intake for max benefit. Any suggestions regarding same? Do I increase carb intake? If so, to when and what extent? (If it matters, I’m otherwise natural, and I do a variation of Westside’s conjugate method.)


I’m not 100% familiar with HGH by any means, but from what I’ve read, you generally just want to avoid having carbs too soon to an HGH dose because the body responds to it inversely to insulin levels. So you may not necessarily need to increase carbs, just be aware to space out the timing a bit. An hour or so is what I’ve seen recommended as a buffer.

You can also ask the guys over in this forum where you can get more specific advice about that approach.