Exercises for Injured V-Dieters?

I’m very interested in the Velocity Diet program (especially since I’m in an institutional program where the menu SUCKS!) It’s a near perfect match for me at the moment.

The training program worries me; I have degenerative disc disease (L1-L5) and am prohibited from doing deadlifts or basically any regime involving loading the spine.

Can you recommend alternatives to train those groups in line with the regime you’ve published for the general population who all have parts which work?


Same situation here (physio banned me from deadlifts) but I also can’t do overhead work due to a shoulder issue.

Same, here. Crushed right leg/hip in accident. Mutiple back surgeries. I can do most exercises, but no deadlifts and I would have to compromise on a couple of the V challenge.

Shattered Elbow and fractured wrist at growth plate. Whatever, just more reps with lighter weight with velocity diet

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