Exact Surge Timing?

I am on first week of V-Diet and my routine is to go to gym from 9am to 11am. On Mon, Wed, & Fri I am doing the weight workouts from V-Diet immediately followed by 60 min NEPA on treadmill. Should I take my Surge Recovery after the weight portion BEFORE the NEPA or wait til after the NEPA? Thank you!

You need your Surge right after weight training, always within one hour, but preferably directly after. I’d suggest drinking it as one of the formulators suggested: “Right after the last rep hits the floor.”

I would sip some during the weights, and then pound the rest immediately after the last rep of the last exercise. Then do my NEPA.

I on occasion would partially drink mine during, but I liked making it, throwing it in the fridge, and then after busting my ass with the weights pulling out a nice, cold, sweet as shit glass of oral bliss.

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