Everyones Week 2 Results Suck?

I have had no problems with this diet. Been very faithful to the shakes, to the supps, to the NEPA, to the workouts to the end and every day. Haven’t had to fight the food gremlins in my mind. Today I weighed and measured at the end of week two and lost a mere 1.4lbs and very little inches at best. I WILL NOT THROW UP MY HANDS AND QUIT.
Just curious if it’s me?

I think a lot of people have a slow down in week 2 but it’s still a loss and some people also add muscle because they weren’t used to the work out schedule.

Just keep it up!

A few things:

  1. Usually, when there’s a “slow” week, there’s a jump the next week.

  2. A little water weight is lost on week one, so a slow down to some extent is expected on week two.

  3. As another poster mentioned, sometimes muscle is gained if the workout are new to you or the high protein intake is something you needed.

  4. Think long term results. Just two pounds lost per week = a pound of fat lost every 3.5 days. Pretty fast, even though that’s “slow” by V-Diet standards.

  5. There’s no muscle loss on the V-Diet if followed correctly. Sometimes you hear about losing weight faster on some other diets, but with their lack of protein and muscle-retention supplements, I’d bet that the “weight” lost was water, muscle and fat, in that order. Even with a “slow” V-Diet, at least you know it’s all fat loss.

  6. Keep taking lots of measurements. These are usually more motivating than pure scale loss.

  7. How much you lose on the V-Diet, and how fast you lose it, depends on how much fat you carry. The fatter a person is, the faster it will come off. But if you’re already at 11% body fat and just want to see super-ripped single digits, you won’t lose as much or as quickly as the 20% body fat person.

  8. Finally, remember it’s not all about weight loss. It’s about taste and craving changes, and the removal of bad dietary habits along with the development of new ones. So if a person, say, losing “only” 8 pounds on the V-Diet, the long term positive changes in tastes and behaviors will result in continued fat loss and health improvements.

I sort of recall my week two being slow as well, but week 3 I lost about 8 lbs, don’t worry. Week two was hard too, probably when more of psychological stuff hits.
The tastes changes are F***ING FANTASTIC! I’ve never been able to resist the junk like I can now. I havn’t had any candy, chocolate, or high sugar crap inforever. I READ THE DAM LABEL ON EVERYTHING! Quite a welcome change, and I keep losing inches on the waist. I just finished the transition diet yesterday but am going to stick to something similar for a long time.

Thanks for the input. I have some more measurements to take this evening on my Tanita Innerscan scale that should tell me more about the week. Very interesting scale.

Measures BF%, Hydration, weight for all limbs, fat for all limbs, bone mass, lots of intersting things…should be, cost me $300. I’ll do a more thorough report after those results on my “old man” blog.

My results stopped for three or four days in week 2, and then at the end of the week, 3 pounds came off quite quickly, so be patient and hang in there.

Congrats on your progress. I read in other threads that the losses may slow down during the 2nd or 3rd week also. A part of me doesn’t even want to weigh, just take the measurements, but who am I fooling? I KNOW i’m gonna jump on that scale haha

glad you posted this (along with your frustration) it paves the way for the rest of us, so when it happens we won’t beat ourselves up too bad!

For me in terms of weight loss it went from best to worst

Week 1
Week 3
Week 4
Week 2

I felt like my body was adapting to what I was doing that week moreso than anything else, the intial shock to the system was gone and it was trying to figure out how to use the nutrients optimally.

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