Estimating Body Fat

I realise this is a “how long is a piece of string” sort of question, but is there a good way to estimate body fat if you dont have access to calipers or other reliable methods. I have seen some posts on T-Nation recently where people estimate their BF% at 12%. Thats about where I think I am and I have a well defined 4 pack after my V-Diet Lite with a bit more to go for a 6 pack. I thought that 10% was defined 6 pack territory but I am starting to think I am mistaken.

Any generic tips you can provide before I get a chance to be tested?

I really hate the idea of body fat testing in general. Either you like what you see in the mirror or you don’t. Who cares what “The Number” is?

That said, I came across this visual chart recently that’s kinda interesting. Not saying it’s accurate, but neither are most forms of body fat testing. This pic doesn’t take body fat distribution into effect for one thing. And water loss/manipulation plays a big role when you get to competition levels of leanness. Still, kinda fun look at.

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