Essential, Non-Perishable Ingredients?

Hey man, I’m sorry to keep bombarding your forums the last couple days, but I’ve just become very intrigued by all your awesome meals and am trying them all out!

That said, do you think you could perhaps list some of your essential, non perishable ingredients that are in the majority of your meals? For example, I see you used almond flour, coconut flour, etc. a lot. I see many meals that look so good, but when I look at the ingredient list, I realize I don’t have it. I hate having to constantly be running to the store while I look at some amazing meal I just found on this site because I realized I don’t have the necessary ingredients.

I always have an ample supply of chicken, steak, ground beef, tuna, etc. on stock, but it’s the odd things like coconut flour or whatever type of alternative thing you use that I don’t always have on hand.

Just curious if you have a typical list like that.

I hear ya. I usually make one regular grocery store list then another list for the harder to find stuff I get from health food stores like Whole Foods or Natural Grocers. I’ve even ordered bulk products online, like the speciality flours. Many regular grocery stores are catching up though. I can get almond flour at Walmart now.

Here’s a good list, not all non-perishable but my usual stuff from specialty stores:

Blanched almond flour (skins are removed, works best in most recipes)

Coconut oil. I get a cheaper one for frying and a fancier one for raw or low-heat applications.

Almond milk, unsweetened. Getting easier to find at standard stores now too.

Coconut flour

Rice flour

Specialty nut butters. You want the kind you have to stir in. The “no-stir” varieties suck (added sugar). Almond, cashew, and hazelnut are all good, but pricey.

Coconut milk, the canned variety for recipes. You want the full-fat version.

Wheat-free breads. Found frozen in most places, made of rice, potato and nuts usually.

I don’t suggest milk, but I like heavy cream in some things. Organic is way better than regular. Not even close.

Specialty hot cereals: flaked quinoa and cream of buckwheat come to mind. Flake quinoa is also good in some baking recipes.

Herbs and spices: You can find these anywhere dried, but it’s good to get a varied stock going to always have handy. Get a free catalog from Penzy’s for the more exotic stuff.

Sauces: I like the health-store sauces better because you can find them gluten-free, like certain Asian sauces and marinades.

For a treat, I like sugar-free coconut milk ice cream. Hard to find these outside of a health-food store.

Goat cheese

Unsweetened puffed rice cereal. Good, fast carb source.

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