Epsom Salt as a Laxative


is it possible to use epsom salt as a laxative. I don’t have regular bowel movements, since on the plan. Plus I don’t feel like drinking the shakes since I “full” feeling. If I can’t use the epsom, what else can I use. How about benefiber, I couldn’t get the fiber pills.



I had the same problem during the first week, also used regular fiber pills from my local health food store, after day 7-8 my stomach got used to the diet, and my bowels started working normally again.


I’ev never heard of using epson salt for that. Better to get the recommended fiber product in the diet plan if you feel you need it. Also, make sure you’re using the flax.


Thanks for the advice KDR09. I will see how it goes.


here you are.

I will try to order the recommended fiber pills, if my bowel movements don’t return.



Keep in mind this is a low calorie diet. Bowel movements will naturally be less. You’re also “using up” everything you’re putting in, no waste.


Yea, I realize the less in and less out point. however, it gets tough to drink the shakes…because I feel full. I think, you guys need to do something about the Vanilla flavor…makes me feel way too full, and also slightly nauseated. All in all things are ok.

BTW, I am using 2 tablespoons of Milled Flax Seed. That is the serving size on the product. Any advice or recommendations?


The vanilla is a best seller and the most popular flavor. Award winning, in fact. But as I always say, being “too full” on a rapid fat loss diet isn’t the worst problem in the world, right?

Makes sure you’re keeping the milled flax in the fridge once it’s opened. Keeps it fresh.


Chris, don’t change anything! I know that you wouldn’t anyway :wink: I especially love the vanilla! I am currently waiting on my next container to come. Even after the V-Diet, I will continue to use Metabolic Drive.