Enough is Enough, and it's Time For a Change!

yeah i asked Chris about it in his section, but havent gotten a response. ask him on his thread, if he gives the ok then it should be good, last night i used the normal ingredients but made it an hour early and froze it. had to eat with a spoon tasted like heaven. btw props for the zipping comment on jeffs thread

I’m pretty sure diet iced tea (that’s what it’s called in canada… in the US it’s sweet tea?) is the only thing that kept me alive during the V-Diet.

Day 7

So I officially completed 1 week of the Velocity Diet w/o cheating, etc. Feel pretty good about that.

Today was my V-Challenge day. All I have to say is DAMN was that rough. First circuit, no problem, second, “uh, ok, this is getting pretty tough.” Third, fourth, and fifth, I struggled to get through. I did, however, complete the number of reps and complete each circuit. By the third circuit I had to do women’s push-ups, and the fifth set my body gave out on me on pike push-ups, so pikes was the only thing I didn’t get 50 reps for.

I’m going to take measurements and weigh myself on Thursday (1/3 of the way)

No cheating, that is the goal! Congrats in making it this far. I’m starting training tonight but I would like to complete my V-Burn challenge sooner. It will kill me but I am that curious!

Good luck with the diet!

how goes it?

Maybe the V-Burn killed him. You alive, Z?

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