Energy Drinks and V-Diet

This is probably a redundant question and falls along the lines of whether coffee/green tea is ok, but what are your feelings on 0 calorie energy drinks during the v-diet (I’m in the transition phase right now). I really like the Xyience Xenergy drinks and figured I’d cycle off the HOT-ROX but replace that with an energy drink.

That would be fine. I’d just be careful not to mix energy drinks with HOT-ROX. Some may be able to handle that, some may not.

In the end, it’s always better to use caffeine tactically: morning coffee to get ready for work only; pre-workout energy drink only; as part of a fat burner only. Combine all three and the negatives of caffeine usage probably start to outweigh the positives.

Thanks for the quick reply Chris. I was thinking of going with an either/or approach. Most likely stick with the HOT-ROX first thing in the morning until I run out and then an energy drink in the afternoon before my workout if I feel like I’m dragging and need a boost before hitting the gym. I have overdone it on caffeine before and I know what that feels like. I will definitely avoid that.

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