Energy, Age, and Testosterone


Hi all, lately I’ve been in a major slump. Sleeping is off, (which may be the root cause) energy is low!!! Haven’t been hitting the gym like I should because I just feel tired all the time. I’m 41 and I feel like I’m in decent shape, but I want to get in better shape, gain more lean muscle, and lose a little body fat. I had my T levels measured and they are low (236). I feel like my diet is pretty good, lots of protein and vegetables. I just can’t seem to get out of this slump!

I’m wondering what supplements you guys would recommend for this type of case? I do suffer from some anxiety, so I’m nervous about taking things that get you all amped up. I just want a good balance and good steady focus and energy. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


If you think the sleep issue is primarily to blame, I’d check out either ZMA or ElitePro Minerals. Both can help to improve sleep quality while also having some Test-boosting effects.

When it comes to specifically boosting Testosterone, Alpha Male is the best choice for a natural solution. But with your current levels, you may want to look into actual doctor-monitored TRT. It’s generally a lifetime treatment, not something you can really just “try” for a month or so, but it’s something to think about.

The other thing to look at is your diet overall. I know you said you’re focusing on protein and veggies, which are two keys, but if your overall calories are too low, that would be a simple solution. Also, getting enough healthy fats, and/or good carbs depending on your exact plan, are useful for energy. Plus, dietary fats play a role in hormone production, so dialing those in is a two-for-one deal.

A little more detail about your current diet and training, plus general height/weight/fat level will help to narrow down a better approach.


Hi Chris, I’m 6’0 and 188 pounds. Not sure what my fat level is, but I’m a little leaner that the average joe. Thank you for your input!