Endurance Running

trldg asks:

Besides lifting, I also trail run in the mountain - usually 2-3 hours on Saturdays.

Is Mag-10® the choice for retaining muscle and providing lasting energy throughout my runs?

If so, how should I intake Mag-10® throughout my run? Will Mag-10® interfere with my hydration? Will Mag-10® cause any GI upset?

Will I need to use an electrolyte replacement supplement? What about recovery?

Mag-10 can be useful for shorter, intense conditioning sessions, but for what you’re talking about, Surge Workout Fuel would actually be ideal.

It was specifically made with a superhydration blend of electrolytes, has other performance/endurance boosting ingredients (like beta-alanine), is a bit higher in functional carbs, and is used by plenty of endurance athletes during training.

It’s also a popular choice for fighters, powerlifters, or other weight class athletes who use it to quickly and efficiently rehydrate after cutting weight for weigh-ins.

Thank you Chris…

For the excellent reply - I already placed my order


Finibars are also very good.

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