Endurance Help for Hockey

I am looking for some supplement advice for extra endurance while playing hockey. I played college hockey about 10 years ago and started playing mens leagues about 4-5 years ago after a shoulder and two wrist surgeries(all on the same arm :frowning: ). Currently I play two days a week, Wednesday nights and Sunday Mornings. Wednesday nights is a league and that is the skate where I am looking for an extra boost. Sunday is just pick up so if I am trashed from a workout its no big deal.

For the past 4-5 months I have been weight training Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I use the gym at work so weekends were not an option, however I just purchased a gym membership so I can train on the weekends now. I have the next 5 weeks off until summer league starts and I really want to shed some fat/up the conditioning training. I need my speed back! After I get to a reasonable bf percentage I want to add some muscle.

For general health supplements I have been taking fish oil, milk thistle , 4-6000IU D3, 500-1000 vit C and a probiotic. I use Metabolic Drive for extra protein/meal replacement and Surge Recovery or chocolate milk if I am out of Surge Recovery after my weight training sessions and hockey.

Suggestions? Advice?


I can’t say enough positive things about Surge Workout Fuel for hockey.

I’m usually in net, but I skate out on a friend’s league team. I use it every time I’m on the ice.

Also, if you want a mental boost, you can look into Power Drive or Spike tablets, depending upon your desired level of ramp-up-edness.

Do you bring it on the bench and sip it throughout the game?

[quote]joemomma wrote:
Do you bring it on the bench and sip it throughout the game?[/quote]

Yeah. If I remember, I start sipping some in the locker room. I usually finish most of it just before the third period starts. That way it’s in my system to finish off the game.

Just be watchful of any moochers on your team. Especially with the lime flavor.

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