Encouragement/Suggestions Please

Ladies- I am one week in with very little to no results yet. I have been following the “plan” to the book and I’m a bit concerned that I’m not feeling much different or seeing any results. I know it’s only a week, but technically, I’m 25% done with this program and figured I would have seen a little movement on the scale by now. Typically when I do other plans, I’m good for at least 5-7 lbs in my first week. Anyone else get this result their first week? TIA

I had the same thing happen to me. I did the plan to the letter the first week and lost 0lb (probably because I gained some muscle and lost some fat), and minimal inches off my measurements. However, following the plan to the letter helped me see what I needed to do. For instance, I’m fairly small-framed and weighed only 140lb at the start. So to cut calories a bit more, I ended up cutting out the bedtime shake all together so I could be a little less restrictive with my daily HSM. This got my calories down to about 1300 per day.
Also, I think I wasn’t doing the full amount of walking. When I ramped up the daily walks I really started seeing a difference.
So, to make a long story longer, use the first week to figure out how you want to adjust and go from there. I ended up losing several inches by week 3- so by week 4 you’ll be good!

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