EmilyBs VDiet log - 32-F Desk Job, Active Hobbies

Just ordered the Velocity Diet for myself and the fiance. We’re both sick as shit of doing everything “right” and still not seeing results, so we’re very excited to see if this system lives up to its hype.

I have a desk job, but I get out to take very brisk walks nearly every day (hoping that takes care of the NEPA most days); like, I sweat during these walks, they aren’t casual strolls. Depending on my mood, I’m either doing a legs/shoulders or chest/back complex 4 days a week after work, some months I’ll do Wendler’s 5/3/1 as well, and the weekends are distance hikes or biking, or training for a half-marathon. So, not a couch potato by any stretch.

I love to cook and I love to eat. I’m also very interested in nutrition. Manufactured or processed foods are already prohibited in my kitchen; we get our carbs from white or sweet potatoes and white or brown rice, and there is always a lean protein and a large portion of veggies. However, at the office, we have a “snack” kitchen stocked with chips and candy, and I’m always taking something from there. I track every bite on MyFitnessPal, and I’m “affording” the calories, yet… clearly it’s not helping, because I’m not losing any weight or inches.

We’ve tracked calories, we’ve done Whole30, I’ve tried intermittent fasting and carb-cycling… nothing’s really made a lasting impression in the past year. I can definitely attest that since I started weight lifting, I’ve recomped. My current 175lbs looks much better than my old 175 from years ago, and can fit in smaller clothes. Still, I want better. I feel the work I put in and the amount of calories I eat, and the overall quality of the food I eat, should have gotten me more results.

The starting stats:
Weight: 175lbs
Height: 5’10"
Bodyfat % (as measured by biometric floor scale): 23%

Neck: 14"
Shoulders: 44"
Chest: 38"
Waist (at navel): 33"
Natural waist: 31.5"
Hips: 42.5"
Bicep: 12"
Thigh (thickest part): 25.5"
Calf: 15.25"

I’ll keep my log here once I get the stuff in the mail. I love to track stats, so it should be no problem to update. I had trouble finding the logs of other women doing this diet who had a similar situation and lifestyle as I do, so I hope my own log will be a useful reference for women who come after me.

Better pic… not sure how to fix/remove the one above.

V-Diet day 1

For real starting stats:
Weight: 175.8 lbs
Bodyfat %: 23.5

Neck 13.5"
Shoulders: 43"
Upper Arm: 12.5"
Chest: 40"
Natural Waist: 31"
Belly: 34.5"
Hips: 42.5"
Upper Thigh: 26.5"
Mid Thigh: 22"
Calf: 15.5"

I’ve just come off a rager camp weekend where I paid less attention to what I ate and drank than usual, knowing I had the V-Diet starting on Monday. So, I definitely have more bloat than previously measured. Didn’t really exercise much this weekend either, aside from a fairly casual trail ride at the campgrounds.

Took my brisk morning walk, even though I did hit snooze a couple times. Strawberry Metabolic Drive mixed with Superfood for breakfast; the Superfood kind of wants to settle at the bottom. My god, the Flameout pills are massive. Bottoms up!

I plan to bring 2 shakes into work with me, to have at 11am and 3pm. I’ll probably take another walk during normal lunch time. There’s a lot of snacks at work, and I don’t want to get hungry enough to feel tempted.

I’ll try the Beginners workout tonight to get a sense of the length and intensity, but I have a feeling I’ll end up doing my own workouts in the end.

The dear fiance is actually worried that the men’s variation of the diet is too MANY calories for weight loss (since men take the full serving of Plazma for workouts). I told him to stop crying and follow the program.

It’s been hard at work. Getting hungry quickly. On-going headache and stomach gurgling. Might grab a plain iced coffee later and mix in my snack-shake for a pick me up.

Getting some distinctly fishy tasting burps. Ugh, fish oil.

Day 1 Part 2

The “detox” headache and fatigue was really getting to me by the time I got home. I was like “food now. immediately.” I had a craving for sweet potatoes; there are worse things to crave :slight_smile:
I took some vitamin B-12, popped a couple of Advil and had my dinner: chicken breast in mustard and tarragon over baby spinach with a splash of balsamic vinegar and a half cup of garbanzo beans, plus a roast sweet potato. Feel just about normal, a bit of lingering headache.

I almost couldn’t finish dinner. Took me a while to get it all down. But damnit, I was determined to eat all of my very clean single meal of the day!

I found the Beginners workout to be very… quick. I was done in about 20 mins. Got a little sweat going though. Either I need to increase the weight, or move up to Intermediate or Advanced. I was able to do recommended max rep for every set, no problem. How long is it supposed to take, typically?

I’m definitely going to get sick of the Plazma >:P I hate the way it coats your teeth with that nasty, gritty film. Blegh.

V-Diet day 2

Overall, yesterday was pretty miserable.

Today, I missed my morning walk because it is POURING RAIN. I’ll find something else to do, maybe climb some stairs. I took B-12 immediately after getting up, and I’ll probably get a coffee to mix my mid-morning shake into to clear the fatigue. I’m also stocked with some tylenol and Vitamin D.

Surprisingly, I “feel” that workout from last night. Maybe it’s not as weeny as I thought. Still, I’d rather be doing twice as much work, but I can appreciate that I really don’t have the calories to do so. The “Eat Big, Lift Big” mentality is probably how I gained a lot of this weight in the past year, anyway.

Trying to mix MD into hot coffee was a HUGE MISTAKE. It doesn’t mix at all… I have this thick layer of sludge on the top that doesn’t mix in. Ugh, now I have to somehow power this down.

Are you using enough water with the Plazma, haven’t had any gritty texture more like kool aid.

Hang in there!

I’m using the recommended measurement for the Plazma? While drinking it, the texture is fine; it’s the film it leaves behind that makes me grit my teeth :x I could definitely add more though, if that improves it.

Had the West African Chicken stew for dinner, from Chris S’s recipe thread. YUM. Made it with chicken boob instead of rotisserie, but still super delicious.

I managed to get in my afternoon shake with a lot more water; the thickness was really bothering me. I am having trouble with the Flameout though… I think 5 a day is too much for my body to deal with right off the bat. I’m cutting it down to 3, and I’m going to add it back in gradually.

VDiet day 3

Was having a few crisises over last night and today, between digestive upset and (TMI) constant diarrhea. I’m a little concerned about how my body is processing the shakes, given that I know I have some dairy sensitivity. I’m taking my probiotic again to see if it helps at all.

I completely slept through my alarm this morning, so fasted NEPA walk didn’t happen again. I feel like my body wants a lot of sleep. Headache isn’t so bad today though. I did have to apologize to some cowokers for being very snappish yesterday.

Looking forward to dinner and working out tonight! My past two meals have been on the high side, which is something I need to pay attention to. Overall, though, I’m still eating below my actual BMR, so I can’t imagine it really hurts to eat a 600 cal meal vs a 500 cal.

V-Diet Day 4

I was struggling a lot with the shakes yesterday. Couldn’t tell if I was hungry or if my stomach was just cramping. I think I drank too much water…? My stomach was constantly full. After dinner, and after Plazma, I was definitely NOT hungry or interested at all in another shake. But, I gotta, so I had a 1-scooper.

I will say, I definitely prefer the shakes blended with even a little ice, over shaker cups.

Dinner was brown rice, roasted cauliflower and broccoli, and chicken marinated with soy sauce and curry powder. It was delicious. Two weeks ago, I would have said “meh, just ok, basic bitch meal”.

Today, I finally feel less like dogshit. A bit more energetic and positive. Though, a little bit bummed that all my coworkers are going out for lunch together; I planned to go for my HSM, but then the fiance brought some lean angus sirloins home for dinner tonight, so that trumps lunch.

Once again, slept past my planned fasted morning NEPA walk. I think those are just not going to happen for me, not while my body is trying to process what I’m trying to make it do. No problem getting walks in other times in the day.

As a couple, we are struggling with how to fit in our favorite past times of half-day hikes or 3-4 hour long distance bike rides. We’re worried about not having the energy or fuel for it. Do we bring shakes along with us for that? Those activities burn a solid 800 cal+ for each of us. Don’t want to destroy our metabolisms.

A nice steak after a harder-than-expected bike ride. Yeah booyeeeeeeee

Today was DEFINITELY easier than the first three days. I didn’t have a gag-reflex to the shakes, they actually tasted good, and I wasn’t 100% focused on when I could have my HSM.

VDiet Day 5

Yesterday (day 5) was pretty uneventful. In spite of my earlier whining, I’m fairly used to the shakes now, and I have no more “low carb flu” symptoms. Intestinal issues have resolved. The only outstanding weirdness is the phantom nausea I get after taking Flameout.

I didn’t end up doing much NEPA-anything, since I left work early. The Friday workout was very solid though, actually took me a bit to finish (I don’t have a lat pull-down machine, so I ended up doing assisted widegrip pullups).

Interesting side effect of this diet: leftovers. I typically cook enough for a family, when it’s just the fiance and me. He works third shift, so he’ll take leftovers to work, and I might have the rest the next day. Today, tho, is the first time we actually had leftovers for dinner, since we can’t eat them any other time.

I should admit, I did eat during that coworkers lunch outing on Thursday. However, I got a very basic mesclun salad with plain chicken breast and just balsamic vinegar to sprinkle on top. Not much more calories than a shake, and almost as much protein. The fiance called me a cheater, but, IMO, this is how we’ll be eating post-diet anyway. Desiring clean, healthy food is the end goal. It’s not like I had a bowl of cheesey pasta :stuck_out_tongue:

VDay Day 6
Going into the weekend, and of course it’s a holiday weekend, and I can’t participate in the million BBQs going on :frowning:

Since I didn’t do any NEPA yesterday, I’m going to need to find something today. Maybe a decent hike. I’m due to give the house a good cleandown, but the dear fiance is taking his daytime sleep/nap on the couch.

Weekends are hard. Many times, we’ll have a hike or bike ride to do, or I’ll bustle around the house doing chores all day, but I’m also just as likely to park my ass in my computer chair and play video games. My goal today is to move on purpose.

Went on that long bike ride anyway. Took a half-scoop of Plazma with me, and had a 1-scoop shake directly after. I’ll only have a 1-scoop before bed. Dinner was roasted red peppers and onions and cajun spiced chicken breast, with a russet potato and a pile of romaine.

VDiet Day 7

Today went well! No big deal anymore. Definitely was challenged though; we were invited to a family picnic for Memorial Day, and there was not a thing there HSM/VDiet-friendly. Thankfully, I had had a shake just before going over, expecting it would just be cheeseburgers and hotdogs (I was mostly right… but man, those pork ribs looked good).

We did splurge a little for ourselves by getting some premarinated chicken and steak tips for our grill. It ended up being less than I thought after checking the calories, though. I also had a small handful of grapes as “dessert”, which I don’t think is technically allowed…? Too much sugar?

Anyway, the breakthrough for me today was actually looking FORWARD to having a shake after our bike ride this evening; it was very hilly, and the thought of a frosty, thick chocolate shake was sooooo appealing.

The fiance is complaining even more than I was about the shakes though. He’s definitely sick of them. But he’s muscling through it because, in his words, “Abs.”

VDiet week 1 recap:

The first three days are brutal as my body adjusted to the shakes, Flameout, and general lack of carbs. After that, felt perfectly normal. Haven’t noticed any impact to energy levels either. I do find that it’s harder for me to get up early in the morning though (after 6 hrs of sleep or so), but that could just be me being lazy.

I had a minor break meal from the shakes on Thursday, when I had a very light salad instead. It hasn’t seemed to hurt anything, at least. My HSMs are trending downward in calories and hovering around the 450-550 mark depending on the day; not doing this on purpose, I’m just stopping eating when I feel satisfied.

Weight-wise, I am down almost 5lbs, 175.8 to 171. I was weighing every day this week, because its gratifying to see a result come of my suffering :P. But from now on, I’m only weighing in once a week. I definitely feel and look leaner already.

I’ve been slacking in the logging dept!

Day 8 (Monday?)

Didn’t manage any deliberate NEPA, but I did do a lot of chores around the house instead of sitting on my butt playing computer games. I did three rounds of the V-Burn Challenge in addition to the regularly scheduled Monday workout, which was pretty awesome.

Day 9

I’m feeling that workout from last night. It’s also back to work; feeling pretty fatigued for some reason. I took some B12 to keep my energy up. Way too busy during the day to go for a walk. Was feeling starved at the end of the day, and I probably ate too large of a dinner. Result of the harder workout last night, maybe.

Day 10

I got my fasted NEPA walk in! I brought music along with me this time, and it was nice to finish “waking up” that way. I did check my weight this morning; only down another half pound in the past two days. I suppose that’s reasonable; just got used to the more dramatic changes of last week. My pants feel like they’re going to fall off (need to visit a tailor after this).

VDiet Day 11

Got up for my fasted NEPA walk again! I actually was awake before my alarm, surprisingly.

Today, work was super busy, and I wasn’t able to have my shakes at my normal times. As a result, I was feeling pretty shaky most of the day. No time for a lunchtime walk, plus it was like 200% humidity so screw that anyway.

I forgot to take out meat to defrost for dinner, so I got a rotisserie chicken on my way home, plus a spaghetti squash! Haven’t had that in YEARS so I figured I’d give it a go.

Look at that glory. A pile of baby kale with spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes, a mount of spaghetti squash topped with homemade marinara, and a bunch of CHICKEN. I’m so excited!

V Diet Day 12

Kind of bummed today. I checked my weight this morning (so, I’m checking every other day instead of every day… eventually I’ll move to once a week, lol). No change still. Completely stagnant. Half pound down for the entire week, and there’s still plenty of jiggly bits.

I’m sure when I try my midpoint measurements, I’ll be fairly happy with the progress. Just feeling really down about the progress given the monumental effort to not eat solid food. Even totally healthy, good for me, solid food.

Dinner tonight: a handful of peanuts, sirloin and a sweet potato with broc and carrots at Texas Roadhouse.

I only ended up eating half the steak (probably 5oz) and a little more than half the potato. All my veggies though.

I should admit, the friend I met for dinner said she could definitely tell I’ve lost mass, even after a week and a half since she last saw me. That makes me feel a little better. I don’t personally think a 5lb loss is really visible, but if I’m experiencing more fat loss and body recomposition, I could see that being more obvious to the eye than to the scale.

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