Emergency... I'm Fat!

OK I’M doing it today. I got all my supps and so now I tackle my fat.

My name is Jeff I’M 39 and have lifted for about 20 years. One thing I have never did when it comes to lifting weights is follow a regimented program of proper nutrition and exercise. I always just went to the gym did the basic three. Squats, Bench, Rows. Well now I’M fat. And I smoke. So today will be the first day of not smoking and when I begin to shed my fat.

After I get off work I will post my daily Summary.

Here are my stats and Fat boy pictures! Nasty!
Height 5? 7?
Weight 202
Neck 16
Shoulders 46.75
Chest ? Upper 43.5
Chest ? Lower 41
Waist - at Navel 41
Waist - at largest 41
Hips - at largest 43
Upper Arm ? L 15
Upper Arm ? R 15
Upper Leg ? L 25
Upper Leg ? R 25.75
Lower Leg ? L 16
Lower Leg ? R 16
Ankle ? L 9.5
Ankle ? R 9.5

Good luck to you.

You are taking on two, smoking and the V-Diet.

Frequent posting has helped me thus far.


Time to get kick some bad habits, drop some fat, and let some muscle show! Keep us updated!

Good luck, bud. The first week is the hardest. After that, it gets a little easier, but still very challenging. As Donna mentioned, post often to different threads. Posting will keep you motivated and focused. Also, check out Chris’ articles-The Grind and the Ten Ways to Fail the V-Diet

Dr. Mike

Today was not that bad. Sticking to the shakes was easy part. I work at night and all my co workers love to eat its kind like a pot luck every night. I just told every one that I have this medical condition and that I am on a special diet so no food was passed my way. As for the smoking. That messed with my head. Instead of smoking with the guys I walked around the building I work in. It takes about 15 minutes to walk around the building so I got my NEPA walk in twice tonight. When I feel the urge to smoke I will do the Release Technique. So far the release technique has helped me attack my wacky inner thoughts and my mind clutter.

Tonight I did the beginner workout just like in the video. Wow. One thing about being out of shape and fat is that I have lots or room for improvement. Like tonight’s workout. I hurt myself doing workout number one. Just doing dumbbell squats I seemed to tweaked my quad. Its sad cause I was only holding a 50. Anyway I have a long way to go. It’s going to be so fun getting there!

See you tomorrow!

OK my left quad is killing me. When I woke up and tried to walk on it I got a nice sharp pain in it. I’m sure all this great protein should help with the repair if I did mess it up.

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