Embarrassing Health Question/Concern

So I have been on the V-Diet for a few weeks now, and have been following it faithfully without straying. The results have been nothing short of amazing, however recently I have started to have some difficulty in that I seem to be having some leaking throughout the day coming from my back side. I have read that this is a sign of too much protein on other forums, but I am doing my 5 shakes a day and using the formula laid out by Chris.

Do I need to stop the diet? Add something into the diet to prevent this from occurring? Or just keep chugging along with this semi embarassing side effect?

This occurred once before when I was on a fairly high protein liquid diet similar to this one, and the moment I went back to eating solids and cut the protein I was fine. Please help. Thank you

Never heard of this issue with a V-Dieter. But if you’ve had this issue before then you may have an underlying problem that needs checked into.

Sounds like you’ve gotten great results though, so feel free to begin adding HSMs (an early Transition, if you will) and you’ll continue to lose fat if that’s your goal.

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