ElitePro Minerals, Z-12, Metabolic Drive at Night?

Hey guys I’m sorry if this question has been asked before but would taking these 3 together prior to bed be okay? I know it says to do the Z-12 on a empty stomach. I typically do my last meal around 9-930 and try to be in bed by 1030-11 and this would be around when I’d wanna take these 3. Thanks!

@Aidan_8 - No problems with this, I routinely take all three of these every night. You don’t have to take Z12 on an empty stomach, but you may notice you get a little more drowsy sooner if you take it on an empty stomach. For me, I’ll usually take them before my last meal and go to bed about an hour later, no problems. Please be sure to post back with any more questions!

Awesome thank you for the reply! So if I take Z12 prior to my last meal on an empty stomach and then eat shortly after it won’t interfere with the sleep promoting effects? Like many others, I always get a lot of energy at night randomly and am trying to naturally combat this. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome! I can’t guarantee how you’ll respond to it, but for me at least, I’ve been taking Z12 for years as needed, and every night during contest prep. I take it before my last meal and it works very well. Sometimes it may take me a little while to start feeling tired, but once I fall asleep, with the Z12 I’m able to have a great quality of sleep, and fall back asleep easily if I wake up. I too am a night owl so Z12 has been very helpful for me. I’ve also had to make adjustments to my nighttime routine, the usual stuff you hear, turn the screens off, try reading, etc.

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