Elite Soccer

Hi Chris,

I’m planning a new concept to revolutionize the way elite&pro soccer players get performance sups So Biotest is the first and unique choice, of course.

So we will start with Indigo, Plazma (or Anaconda), MAG-10 and FINiBARs.

Considering this kind of schedule:

  • 3-4 weight trainings weekly
  • 3-5 soccer trainings at field weekly
  • 1-2 matches weekly (it has 2 halves of 45 minutes each one)

From your experience and the support of Biotest in some athletes like NFL /NHL players, What is the basic plan considering these sessions?

Soccer players experience a powerful performance-enhancing effect during a match with the right supplementation.

Let’s go over each scenario and we’ll offer some general guidelines:

  1. Weight training: Here the soccer athlete would use Plazma, Indigo-3G, and Mag-10 as would anyone doing a brutally hard resistance session. (All Biotest workout supplement dosing guidelines assume very tough training sessions will be used.) Those three supplements comprise the <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Super Stack by the way, so that’s would be a good choice for the athlete’s budget.

So, for lifting, that would be Indigo-3G, 6 capsules 30 minutes before pre-loading with Plazma. (Or taken at the same time as the pre-load.) Plazma pre-load, one serving, 15 minutes before lifting, then depending on the intensity and duration of the session, 1-3 more servings during the workout. Most people weight training very hard average 3 total servings, 1 pre-load, 2 during. Options are listed on the label though. Post-lifting, 1-2 pulses or servings of Mag-10 starting an hour after Plazma is finished will optimally enhance recovery.

For weight training, <a href=""target=“new”>Finibars can be used an hour or two before lifting or used after training. Tim Patterson has suggested alternating Mag-10 and Finibars in the 6 hour post-workout window. Or an athlete could pulse with Mag-10 after lifting, then have a Finibar as the first solid food after that. Several options really to fit the athlete’s schedule and preferences.

  1. Field sessions: We’d suggest Finibar an hour or two pre-practice. If sessions are intense, the standard Plazma dosage, including the ore-load, is perfect. Plazma could be tuned to the practice session depending on duration and type of practice. That may mean only two servings total (lots of standing around) or 4-5 servings (very intense drills for 2-3 hours) based on length and content of sessions. Indigo-3G would be used as normal, 30 minutes before the practice. Mag-10 would be used after practice, 1-2 servings, separated about an hour from the last drink of Plazma. If there are breaks or mid-practice sit-down sessions, an additional Finibar could be eaten then.

  2. Matches: Given average game length of 90 to 120 minutes, we’d suggest Finibars (1 or 2) before the game, then 1-2 pre-load servings of Plamza 15-10 minutes before the match. Due to the near non-stop nature of the sport, additional Plazma would be used as one would normally drink water. A full serving of Plazma would be consumed between halves. To accelerate recovery, 1-2 servings of Mag-10 would be used post-match.

This could be customized for the position of the player and the average length of time on the pitch for the athlete, but those general guidelines should help you formulate a basic plan of attack.

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