Elite Pro Minerals Discontinued?

Elite Pro Minerals doesn’t seem to be in the store anymore. Is it gone for good? It was one of my staples. Going to be difficult to find a substitute…

I was wondering the same thing. Maybe this means there’s a better replacement on the way.

You can always shoot an e-mail to Biotest Customer Service at, but I haven’t heard one way or the other if it’s getting revamped, removed, replaced, or what.

As it stands, the next-closest option would be ZMA. You’re still getting the zinc and magnesium, obviously. It just doesn’t include several of the other ingredients for the same full spectrum of benefits.

From Biotest customer support, “Thank you for your interest in ElitePro Minerals. We are in the process of reformulating this supplement into a four-tablet serving to provide easier dosing. Unfortunately, production is delayed for approximately 2 months.”


That’s fantastic news. Thanks!

Oh, sweet! That’s awesome news. Thanks for sharing the update.

A little bummed, though. But only because I felt super lucky whenever I could plop exactly seven capsules into my hand on the first try.

ElitePro Minerals are back in stock now, and yep, the formula is revamped with the same ingredients and dosing in a 4-tablet serving.

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