Elite Pro Minerals and ZMA

sen say asks:

I recently ordered Elite Pro Mineral Support and ZMA. I am looking at the Zinc and Magnesium amount on each and seeing they are the same.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Is it beneficial to take both supplements, or is 1 sufficient?

  2. Is it safe to take both at the same time?

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I love the Elite Pro Minerals, I take them every day post training.

One of the mods may correct me here, but 1 should be sufficient, there’s no reason to take both of them and it’s best to stick to the directions on the bottle, rather than have a double dose.

Again I think it would be best to pick one. I can’t imagine it would not be “safe”, but over the long haul that much zinc, magnesium, etc., it’s best to stick with one. You could alternate, try one for a week then the other for a week, and see if you notice a difference. I like the Elite Pro Minerals, but ZMA is obviously a staple and you can’t go wrong there.


Yeah, there’s no reason to take them together. It’d be overkill, at best.

Minerals can be pretty weird in that the ratios and absorption can play off one another, so if you were to double up the ZMA and Elitepro, you run the risk of getting “too much” zinc and magnesium, since they’re in both, which could interfere with other mineral levels in the body and could impact the effectiveness of the rest of the Elitepro formula.

They were each designed to standalone, so that’s the best way to go. If you wanted to take them both, alternate days (or weeks, like Rob said) - just ZMA, then just Elitepro.

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Thanks! I read TC’s over 40 article and got inspired to add the Elitepro. Didn’t make the connection to ZMA until I was loading up my weekly pill-popping container rack thingy.

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