Elite Pro Mineral Support for Females

Hi. I’m curious if any females athletes out there have (or currently) taken Elite Pro Mineral support and what are your thoughts on this supplement over ZMA?

I do take ZMA daily, however reading the description of the Elite Pro I’m considering switching to this supplement. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you

My wife is prepping for a show right now and we have her taking Elite Pro Minerals daily. She doesn’t take the full 7 pills, she’ll take 3-4, but she does take them daily.

Thank you Robstein for the reply. Does she notice any difference after she started taking the supplement or any side effects?

Not really, it’s hard to isolate if she feels better from just one thing, because there are so many aspects of exercise, nutrition, supplementation, etc. It’s more preventative maintenance to make sure she continues feeling good and has all of the nutrients/minerals she needs. Certainly no negative side effects once she started taking them.

Thank you for answering my question Robstein! I completely agree that all the the aspects (nutrition, rest, exercise) are the key to achieve health and a great physique to be present on stage. Best luck to her!

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Thank you very much!

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