Efficacy of the Diet without the Training


I finally decided to go for the V-Diet and purchased all the supps last weekend. Well come Wednesday this week I tore my right pec and will be going under the knife next week for repair.

I am still curious if the diet could help to maintain muscle mass while recovering after the repair and also aid in fat loss? I feel like for recovery the body will want more calories but damn I hate these last 10 or so pounds hanging around. If I’m already going to be miserable post op anyways I figure that if I roll with the v diet I’ll be less likely to feel sorry for my dumbass and stay committed to weight loss instead of drinking beer all day cause I’m pissed I can’t be in the gym.

I’d love to know your thoughts on how crucial the work load and nutrition combined are to the success of the V-Diet.


What a bummer, man!

Obviously not Chris, but yeah, you’re probably better off holding off on the V-Diet until you’re recovered. Your body is going to need fuel to repair itself.

However, I know you just purchased the supplies for the V-Diet, but people have had success maintaining their muscle by using Mag-10 pulses during periods of injury or down time.

You can always light that fat on fire with the V-Diet when you’re recovered.

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