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This question is for Chris, but all others all more than welcome to share.

I’m looking to educate myself in better ways of eating healthy. I noticed that your diet seems to be close to that of the paleo diet. However, I don’t think you care as much about organic vs. as paleo followers.

I was wondering if you could point me to any books, or blogs, or threads, or websites that you’ve read or know about. Particularly anything that would help me understand more about the philosophy behind eating the way you do.


I tried Paleo for a year and it just stalled muscle gains. Great way to lose fat if someone is currently eating crap though. Not so great for muscle gains or athletes. Needs more carbs. Paleo is right to get rid of wheat, but rice and potatoes are fine. And peri-workout supplements of course.

I suggest “The End of Overeating” and “Wheat Belly” books.

Thank for the recommendations! I will try to pick these up as soon as possible.

I wasn’t aware that paleo dieting meant no rice or potatoes, thanks for the info!

Here’s a good free summary of the Wheat Belly book so you don’t have to buy it: Overall, I’d say he’s a little too carb-phobic for lifters and athletes, but spot on when it comes to avoiding wheat.

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