EDT Arms Specialization Revisited


I hope you are well. I ran across the old EDT thread you had back in 2002 and will be hitting this program in a few months.

I wanted your take on diet, maintenance and conditioning when tackling this program.

  1. Basically every day I will be eating slightly above maintenance, then on the training days add the periworkout 2 scoops of Plazma in…could go 3 scoops on the EDT Arm days?

  2. For Maintenance work I was going to do light strength layers: Ramp to 3RM, then 8 sets of 2-8 reps @ 90%.

Monday: EDT Arms
Tuesday: High Pulls (light layers)
Wednesday: Decline Bench (light layers)
Thursday: EDT Arms
Friday: Front Squats (light layers)
Saturday: 20 mins conditioning
Sunday: 20 mins conditioning

What do you think in terms of recovery for the Arms Spec?

Also Mag Pulse split half in middle of night then other have the other half upon morning wake up…or just wait till morning and have a full pulse. Which is more beneficial…prob splitting as to get the aminos flowing round the clock right…?

Your plan sounds good for EDT. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the program, but it looks like you have it very well covered. I think most people can actually get away with 2 servings of Plazma for most workouts, maybe 3 if doing something like a John Meadows Reactive Pump leg day. But play with it and see if you notice the need for a 3 servings of Plazma for those workouts.

I’ve tried pre-bed pulses, middle of night, and early AM. All are effective. And I’ve even split a pulse: half in middle of night when naturally waking, half when waking in the morning. Whatever doesn’t wake you up too much in the middle of the night. Sometimes drinking a whole one did that to me in the winter, but I find that now that it’s summer I wake up thirsty so killing a whole pulse is exactly what I want at 2AM.

Hard to go wrong with Mag-10. I think every additional pulse between normal meals is beneficial, so it just comes down to personal need and budget of course. I always have at least one of the above pulses though - I just play it by ear whether I want it pre-bed, night, or early AM. The body “tells” me usually, probably because that day’s workout triggered the need. In fact, after a 9 mile hike on Saturday, I had a pulse afterward, then two before bed. Body was screaming for it.

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