Eating Schedule

I just started this program and I want to make sure I’m drinking my meals at the right intervals. On non training days I have a meal replacement shake every 3 hours starting at 8am. My question is about training days when I take the post recovery shake. I work out from 9am-10am and have my post recovery shake at 10am. Do I then have my meal 2 shake at 11am as I would if it was a non-training day or do I wait for 3 hours to pass before having meal 2 and have it at 1pm?

Non Training Eating Schedule
8am -Meal 1
11am -Meal 2
2pm -Meal 3
5pm -Meal 4
8pm -Meal 5

Training Day Eating Schedule ???
8am -Meal 1
10am -Post Recovery
11am or 1pm -Meal 2 ???
2pm or 4pm -Meal 3 ???
5pm or 7pm -Meal 4 ???
8pm or 10pm -Meal 5 ???

The general rule is to wait 1-2 hours after finishing your post workout nutrition (Surge) before eating your next meal. So in your case, any time from 11-12 should be fine.

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