Eating for the Sake of Eating

Call this a rant, an observation, a whine . . whatever. But, it’s something that I’ve noticed, and it’s a bit troubling.

First, I’ve noticed that I’m never hungry on the V-Diet. And, I don’t think that’s just because of the HOT-ROX. I think It’s because, I am getting enough calories. But, I do miss eating. And, a bit of introspection has led me to the conclusion that I simply like to eat.

I don’t eat because I’m hungry, I eat because I want to eat. I think that’s probably a lot of other people’s problems too. So, this (> 21 day) diet is a good time to break that habit. I can learn to cope with my desires.

But, this weekend I noticed something even worse. The community aspect of not eating for the sake of eating. I was out at a little concert in a park. Everyone brought munchies, and of course, there was much sharing. I politely declined the food, because, “I’ve already eaten dinner”.

Instead of a response like, “I understand!”, I got, “You’re not going to eat anything?” Having had dinner was not a good enough reason for not eating!

There was actual surprise. People were astounded that I didn’t want any cheese, fruit, chicken salad, sandwiches, beer (Oh – I wanted the beer). Again, I have plenty of self control – so there wasn’t any real threat of my will caving. The problem was, I started thinking: What about later.

Much of my life (and probably others’ lives here) are based around the communal sharing of food. Who doesn’t like to have drinks with friends, while gorging on chips and salsa? But, I can’t remember the last time I had a meal, simply because I needed sustenance, and then ended it at that. I don’t worry, while I’m on “That weird diet” People just roll their eyes at me.

But, I’ve started thinking that this is just the beginning of my pain. That, in four more weeks, when I’m off of the V-Diet, it’s going to be difficult being normal. Or – actually, it will be easy to fall back into society’s definition of normality, but it will be difficult to only eat when I’m hungry, and stop when I’m done.

Are people going to roll their eyes at the weirdo who does not want chips & salsa for the rest of my life?

Does anyone out there, who has been successful in losing weight have any opinions here?

Teach yourself ‘food as fuel, not as fun’

Yes. I have an opinion:

Fuck them.

It’s your body, your health, and your goals.

You’re a grown-ass man. If you don’t want to consume crappy foods and drink, you don’t have to.

Giving in to peer pressure? That’s junior high.

Remember, the alpha male is self-validated:

At the very least, a grown man doesn’t need to put foods in his mouth he doesn’t want in his mouth just to “fit in.”

i feel you dude. like Chris said, fuck the haters and do what you need to do.

i have a meeting with my grad school group tomorrow morning at 8am. they’re doing homemade belgium waffles. i’ll be bringing 8 boiled eggs and eating the whites + a salad.

if there’s one thing the V-Diet taught me, it’s that i never want to do this type of extreme purge again. from now on, only clean foods enter my body. if i do eat crap, it’s 5% of the time max.

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