Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep


Shugs I need your feedback on my issue… I have the Physiology of that talked about in the new Pulse Feast Article with C.T. Binger mentality! During my V-Diets and Pulse Fasts, I wake up early morning around 4-6 am with really crappy intermittent sleep due to hunger. It gets so annoying I’ll get up have half a shake or at the end of the fast, a bit of oatmeal and Metabolic Drive. But my sleep really isn’t enough, and I’ll usually fall back to sleep for an hour or two to get in the 8 hours. (And I sleep Damn good after the oatmeal!)

Now I’m noticing that even on my normal above maintenance days where carbs are anywhere from 200-400g…I still wake up and want food. I’ll do the oatmeal thing and fall beautifully back to sleep for an hour or two.

What the hell should I do… Is this caused because the body wants nutrients to repair from training…A habit formed by the body? Should I stop eating then sleeping, as I’ll pack the fat on? Or go with the flow and see that I’m not gaining from this and eat.


Sometimes those used to higher carbs have trouble sleeping (at first) when they lower them (lots of folks use an insulin coma to put themselves to sleep, sadly) but if this problem hits you even with plenty of carbs then I’m not sure what to tell you. Could be caused by a number of factors, from simple stress to something medical going on.

Have you tried ZMA and Z12?


Yeah I take Elite Minerals nightly, not Z12.


Insulin Coma to put them a sleep: meaning dieters or people in general, how so?


Now that I think about it, its probably due to carb cycling I’m using. During the V-diet and Pulse Fasts, well thats just my nervous system ramping from restricting calories. :wink:


[quote]brandon76 wrote:
Insulin Coma to put them a sleep: meaning dieters or people in general, how so?[/quote]

People in general. Not a great plan obviously - relying on an insulin bonk to get to sleep.

But I do think any sudden change is diet, even a healthy one, can affect sleep. Low cals can for sure.


Just my two cents: Several times during the first week of the V-Diet, I had trouble getting to and staying asleep, even when I was really tired. By the second week though, no issues whatsoever. In my case, my body just needed a week or so to adjust to the changes.


I’ve also just hit on enlightenment…CT’ finally let his nutritional strategy out of the bag a bit and for Bingeers like me the key when wanting some desserts or cheat foods is load up on the veggies first, then “taste” and enjoy the cheats…you will not overindulge! So great! Its like a self limiter! A “Governor” for the Stomach…