Who thought this thru to have their diet split my Easter?

The biggest candy day of the year for me (damn cadbury and your eggs!!) my mother said she was proud and astonished i havent had any candy.

SO as to coincide with easter tradition im still gonna eat with the family it will be a small salad with homemade vinaigrette :slight_smile: stoked

what is everyone else doing to overcome this temptation?

welll I have no kids…no chocolate at home…and finally I spent a lot lot of time in my gym lol…But in fact to be honest, I just did not want any chocolate…which is amazing :wink:

Hey Big,

My biggest temptation for family get togethers are Coke soft drinks. Heck, Coke in general is my weakness. I haven’t had one since last Friday, so I drink a lot of water to replace it. So if you are having your HSM today like me, take your serving of vegetable, and snack on it when you get the urge for chocolate.

I planned my HSM today and I can’t wait. Mine will be a lean steak, broccoli, quinoa (I’m Filipino, and you should have seen the look of my relatives when I first started giving up rice before. My cousin even said I’ve denounced my heritage. PRICELESS!)

Hope this helps!

I’m with my family and just not eating. Honestly, I can get chocolate ANY day of the year. I can get these foods ANY time of the year. Sticking to just the shakes is actually the best thing in my opinion. I hate when ridiculous food affairs take over the real meaning of a holiday - this particular one the resurrection of Jesus from the Cross.

I’m not promoting nor denouncing the Christain faith just stating the fact that Bunny with chocolate had nothing to do with the birht of this day. It seems that our society has made the only way to enjoy the company of our freinds and families, to enjoy good weather, or to enjoy a holiday is to induldge in some absurd food.

Don’t get me wrong, I love food, but I will eat it on my own accord, and anjoy what I like. Shakes with no disappointment :slight_smile:

totally understood your point…no chocolate (and I love CHocolate) simply because I did not want any of it…

Great timing for this diet! I wish I’d started it right before Christmas, lol :slight_smile:

I haven’t posted on this board before, so HI EVERYONE! I’m on day 21 and I’ve satisfied a few random candy cravings through my husband. For Easter I baked him brownies with Reeses peanut butter eggs (PB cups=my favorite candy). He was pleasantly surprised and very amused, since I NEVER bake sweet stuff.
I can’t wait for my HSM tonight!

hey INA
Welcome on board…I’m on day 20…Lucky husband then :wink:

[quote]BiggerthnU wrote:
what is everyone else doing to overcome this temptation? [/quote]

I did the diet last year through Christmas and New Year’s.

Talk about temptation.

What helped me was the buffet I ate for Christmas (used it as my solid meal) and looking at the really poor choices of meat (more fat than real meat) and couldn’t believing I’d be eating that compared to the regular solid food meal (Drunken Ribeye from Sweetwater Tavern…mmmm…).

A big plus was coming back after the Christmas/New Year break and hearing everyone talk about how much food they ate and how much weight they gained.

Couldn’t empathize since I had the exact reverse. Heh.

So just think about feeling smug when everyone else talks about how much candy they ate. Besides, you’re getting chocolate if you’re having Metabolic Drive (if that’s the flavor you picked anyway) so you’re having chocolate 5x in one day…not to mention the other 27 days.

So in reality, they should be envious of you. :slight_smile:

Why crave chocolate when I’m having chocolate milkshakes 5x a day?

[quote]jo3 wrote:
Why crave chocolate when I’m having chocolate milkshakes 5x a day?[/quote]

they are disgusting!

I forgot today was Easter…oops! It seems like people have been celebrating Easter all month, not really sure how i would forget…my friends and I went out to brunch and played 4-squares all day haha

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
I forgot today was Easter…oops! It seems like people have been celebrating Easter all month, not really sure how i would forget…my friends and I went out to brunch and played 4-squares all day haha[/quote]

4-SQUARE! Man I miss that stuff. I loved how people came up with new rules/moves all the time.

We couldn’t really remember any of the old rules, so we just played it pretty straight…all my friends were drunk, so I won pretty easily…4th square here, obvs…haha

Easter for me is no biggy since I’m Jewish but Danny isn’t so it suddenly dawned on me the other night that we’re probably going to have to go to his parents place for a huge dinner. As luck would have it they left for a two week vacation to China yesterday, so it wasn’t a problem.

Normally I would have had some of those little chocolate Lindt bunnies waiting for him when he woke up, but this year it was just a card…smooth sailing! Other than the bbq hamburger I made for him last night…it smelled delish as I drank my shake and ate my peanut butter.

Easter is a huge deal in my family. We have a big Italian Easter brunch with my family and then dinner later in the day at my place with my wife’s family.

I planned my V-Diet to end on Easter. It was mty first day of transition. I didn’t do as well as I wanted, but not as bad as I could have.

The brunch features a lot of once-a-year specialties - various meats, pies, pastries, etc. This isn’t like eating dounts on a Sunday morning or even potato chips during the week or beer on the weekend cheating. This is more like have a taste of this great stuff now, or wait until next year to see it again.

So, in the morning I did not fill a plate. I picked on various pieces of “stuff” and to my surprise I was still full very quickly.

Dinner in the afternoon wasn’t bad: one piece of roast pork tenderloin, salad w/my home made vinaigrette, asparagus and fresh green beans. Problem was the 2 glasses of wine, followed by desert: chocolate cake, bunny cake, a cookie, and 2 small vodka tonics (diet tonic water of course).

Rather than NEPA, I jogged most of my 3.75 route and actually did some intervals - I sprinted on most of the diwn hill stretches, followed my a walking up hill and then more jogging on the flats.

I did not weight in, and I’ll be good on transition day-1 with all shakes except for lunch which will be left over collossal shrimp with asparagus, green beans, and maybe an apple.

I ate ham as my final HSM. growl. I do not like ham. But hey it was solid and it was there so down it went!

I was stuck with iceberg lettuce as my salad. Yeck. But it was solid and it was there so I ate it! Had my own sugar free, calorie free dressing, along with my own tiny carton of cottage cheese, which prompted questions which I deftly avoided.

I ate broccoli but it was only the stems and it was covered in some kind of cream sauce and cheese. I scraped off as much of the sauce and cheese as I could, but I felt guilty the whole time, and it tasted like ass! That’s good, that means I only want broccoli by itself!

Fortunately, my mother in law made asparagus, and I ate that, a lot of it. It was great.

There were lemon cupcakes and gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies with an inch of icing and chocolate candies and big giant white bread dinner rolls stuffed with honey butter and the most delicious mashed potatoes on the planet (from past experience!).

I avoided the location of the bread and potatoes at all costs, but I will admit that I ate ONE tiny chocolate football. I ate it, decided the taste wasnt all that exciting anymore, and felt afterward like I would have rather wasted those few calories on some more cottage cheese. Good!!!

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