Early Riser & Nut Butter


Getting ready to start the program. I’ve been on a low carb high protien diet with only breakfast as a shake and the rest small healthy meals for the past 4 weeks. Workout routine has been mostly tabata and running with some lifting every other week. As far as my current meals, they are 5 per day, yet I also add a snack around 8:30 or 9 pm of carrots and 2 TBS of organic almond butter.

Given this program is 5 meals every 3 hours or so and I have a bit of a crazy schedule, I assume there’s flex by +/- of 30 min at feeding times? (and I need to eliminate my carrot/snack). You said nut butter is ok, however how much in the course of a day and is it to be eaten in one dose or can I split it in two over meals? Also, I drink a couple of cups of coffee in the am (black), one in the afternoon and a tea in the evening with my last meal. Herbal decaf roobois with Stevia. (SweetLeaf).

Question is can I keep the coffee and tea as I consume it? I don’t believe Stevia adds calories, yet I’m unclear about sugar alcohols and what/if they would impact the diet.

  1. +/- 30 mins is fine.

  2. Nut butter instructions are listed in the diet plan. 1 serving per day. Have it with nighttime shake.

  3. With HOT-ROX taken twice daily, you probably won’t need or want the extra caffeine from coffee. Unsweetened tea is fine. Stevia is fine.

  4. Don’t consume sugar alcohols if you can avoid them.