Early On But I Feel Starved

I spent the early part of quarantine not working out ( bizarre injury’s to both wrists 3 weeks ago) but eating small staggered meals. Now I’m only in 2nd day and I feel STARVED! I’m going to stay the course but I’m HANGRY.

This is mostly mental and is largely dependent on how you were eating beforehand, and it can be the hardest part of any diet plan. From the manual:

“Very active people, those will a large amount of muscle mass, or those who initially feel hungry on the V-Diet may add one scoop of Metabolic Drive to their daily intake. Just have a large, 3-scoop shake or add a “snack shake” of one scoop of Metabolic Drive sometime during the day”

Also in the manual:
"Won’t I be just a little hungry?

Maybe. It’s a fat-loss diet, and you need some willpower at first as your body rids itself of unnatural cravings. But there is no “starving” or mal- nourishment. In fact, the V-Diet provides hyper-nourishment."

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