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My husband and I are blazing this trail together… he is almost a week ahead of me (started last Sunday 6/7/09) and I started today (Friday, 6/12/09). We have taken pictures and measurements and I will post tonight when I get home. I just wanted to take a practice run at posting on here for my first time!

Let me just say thank you to those who are already on here… for an overwhelming amount of support and information. I also wanted this to be a note to those to come in the future… that this online support group is a necessity! I didn’t make it but halfway through my first shake I wanted to give up… until I logged on!

The shake tastes fine (banana) but is making me feel miserably nauseous. I felt like I was the only one this was happening to… and started dreaming of chewing on a chicken breast!! (:
I felt more motivated and back on track within 5 minutes of searching for help and finding it.

I will continue to snoop around… but am already pumping myself up for my next shake (NOT chicken) and making myself believe they WILL start going down easier!! Any other words of wisdom along the way are, of course, welcome.

Welcome! My husband and I are on day 16 or 17. You will be so glad you are doing this as a team. I cannot tell you how many times I would have quit if it hadn’t been for my husband pushing me(in a loving way) and complimenting me on how proud he is and how great my arm are starting to look. My arms have always been my mosted despised feature. I will check in on you and wish you the absolute best. When you get weak, log on and read away. It helps so much. I practically live on the logs to stay in line.

from the drawing boards…

neck: 18.5"
shoulders: 52.5
chest upper: 47.5
chest lower: 45
waist at navel: 44.5
waist at largest: 42.5
hips at largest: 45
L upper arm: 16.5
R upper arm: 16.5
L upper leg: 27
R upper leg: 27
L lower leg: 16.75
R lower leg: 18.5
L ankle: 11.25
R ankle: 10
height: 6’1’'
weight: 258
(torn achilles is to thank for the discrepancy in lower leg measurements)

neck: 13.5"
shoulders: 40
chest upper: 34.5
chest lower: 33
waist at navel: 30
waist at largest: 33
hips at largest: 41.5
L upper arm: 12
R upper arm: 12
L upper leg: 23.5
R upper leg: 23.5
L lower leg: 16
R lower leg: 16
L ankle: 9.5
R ankle: 9.5
height: 5’7.25"
weight: 152

and by the way… does anyone else feel their pics are even less flattering than expected? (: I will visit them often for motivation on how much I can improve!

day 1

day 1

I’ve followed this website since T-Nation’s beginnings. I formerly followed TC back in the Muscle Media 2000 and EAS days, and used to love all the cutting edge info on supplements and training. (Shoot, I was even a competitor in Muscle Media’s first physique challenge where Bill was giving away his Lamborghini to the winner.)

I was disappointed when Bill Phillips went in a “different direction,” but was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled onto this website almost 8 years ago and found that TC was still at it. The information on supplements, nutrition, and training available on here far surpasses the relevant information provided anywhere else.

About 5 years ago I retired from pro football (arena football), and kind of “lost my way” in the training and nutrition department (as evidenced by my before pictures). I would pick up for a few months only to stop again. In February of 2008 I tore my left Achilles while playing basketball. As opposed to taking the injury as a hint that I’m getting older and need to take my physical condition more seriously, I “fell off the wagon” and began eating and drinking just about anything in sight. Worse yet, I used my injury as a reason not to do anything active. I know, pathetic…

I followed last years physique challenge on here and was blown away by Gus and Bartl’s results. They both seemed a bit like myself, especially Bartl (minus the drugs). I submitted an application to be a part of the next physique challenge only to eventually find out that the project was scrapped for some reason (largely in part to novagreg, I suspect).

Anyway, after having saved up some money, I finally decided to stop making excuses and jump into the V-Diet. Today marks the beginning of my second week. So far, so good. The shakes aren’t bad and the training routine has been fun. I’ve always been a body-part, split routine type of guy, so the training is taking some “getting used to.” I’ll be back later today to post pictures, weight, and measurements.

By the way, I’ve always been a skeptic. Reading about how this diet can change your cravings and your taste for good food always seemed a bit far-fetched to me, but after last night’s HSM, I’m blown away. I haven’t enjoyed a meal like that for a loonnnnggggg time. Everything tasted so awesome. I’ll post those pictures too. (Or I’ll have my more tech-savvy wife post them. ha)

I’m looking forward to the next 5 weeks and beyond. Thanks again to all who post encouragement, and of course to Shugart, Waterbury, and the entire T-Nation crew for all the great information and support they provide on this website.

End of Josh’s first week… and I am so very proud of him! There is no way he won’t make it through the entire diet… and he’s playing it absolutely by the book.
His measurements…

neck: 18"
shoulders: 51.75
chest upper: 47
chest lower: 43.5
waist at navel: 42.5
waist at largest: 41.5
hips at largest: 44.75
L upper arm: 17.5
R upper arm: 17.5
L upper leg: 26.75
R upper leg: 26.75
L lower leg: 16.75
R lower leg: 18
L ankle: 10.5
R ankle: 10

pics to follow.

As for myself… today is day 3 and I am not doing as well as Josh. Day 2’s morning shake nausea was worse than Day 1, to where it screwed my day up. I got up, went for my walk, and had my breakfast shake. I was going to let it settle for just a bit and then go do my lift. Instead, I ended up spending 3 hours on the couch waiting for the nausea to pass. When it did, I still did go work out… but it was on an empty stomach, and I ended up skipping my snack shake. I’m sure this isn’t exactly a healthy way to go about my diet, but I really wanted to fit a workout in, and this was the only way I could.

I did feel less sick with this morning’s shake… and yet moreso with my lunch shake! It’s the larger shakes that are getting me, especially breakfast… lunch was never as bad as it was today.

The thing is… with the headaches (I NEVER get headaches) & complete lack of energy I am finding it very hard to do even less-than-normal tasks. I used to be pumped and excited for my workouts, and now I dread them…

I’m also super grumpy. I feel grumpy, and I know I come off as grumpy too. Poor Josh.

I’m searching through articles like crazy to see how others have come out of this funk. I have a busy life, just like everyone else… and wanting to throw my meals up is really starting to affect my productivity!

On a side note… an interesting thing I’ve noticed… I am, overall, a very healthy eater. I usually am the one naturally craving fish & brown rice, while Josh is craving Buffalo Wild Wings! Since Day 2, Josh’s cravings have turned much healthier… and all I can think about are burgers, fries and calzones! These are things I was RARELY interested in before. Anyone else experience this?

end of week 1

Week 2 weight: 253
Week 1 weight: 258

So, 5 pounds lost and 5.5 inches after week 1. The best loss in inches was the 2 I lost in my waist at navel. I would have lost 7.5 inches, but for some reason I gained 1 inch in each of my upper arms. I’m not sure if the gain in my upper arms was due to me not measuring them in exactly the same place (I’m pretty sure I did), or if it’s simply my arms’ reaction to getting back in the gym - hopefully it’s the latter.

I was initially disappointed when I got on the scale as I was really hoping to be under 250 (I have a lot of fat to lose), but hopefully the end of week 2 will get me close to the 245 mark. My initial reaction changed after taking my measurements and seeing my photos. The changes in my back photos and my side photos are encouraging.

By the way, I noticed that I forgot to post my height. I’m 6’1".

weaktofreak - Thanks for checking us out. Good luck to you and your husband!

Was anyone else stunned when they took their before photos? I was completely embarrassed - what a mess! I look like I pissed off a hive of bees.

Day 4… nausea & headache… and back at work, which makes matters worse.

Have you tried ginger extract/ginger ale for the nausea? I couldn’t keep the first couple of shakes down. Literally. The ginger extract goes well with the vanilla flavour.

Eventually I got used to the taste so now I can drink these no problem.

[quote]addyce wrote:
Day 4… nausea & headache… and back at work, which makes matters worse.[/quote]

Keep pushing through it. I felt like this for ~6 days or so before my energy levels and stomach “settled” into this diet. My husband has a stomach of steel, but I’m more senstive. It took my body longer to adjust to the lower calories and lack of carbs too (fatigue, concentration, headaches). By day 8 I was feeling much better.

Good work to date, stay strong! It may not seem like it now, but it does get easier.

Also, the mental effect of this diet is even better than the weight loss, your attitude towards food and tastes for healthy options will change even more as the weeks go on.

Congratulations on making it this far!

Well, I think I lost my partner today as the negative body responses have gotten to be too much for her. I was hoping she would push through, but she has always been a much healthier eater than me and has always been very disciplined about making it to the gym a few times per week, so she’ll still come out ahead. She plans to start the anabolic diet soon. Hopefully it will improve her mood! Kidding honey!

On a positive note, this diet has gotten to be pretty easy for me. I rarely have any cravings anymore and I’m never hungry. I’m enjoying the lifting routine too. I just wish I felt like I was losing more weight. I cheated and weighed myself today. I came in at 249, which is 9 pounds less than where I started. I expected my weight to be lower, but hopefully weeks 3 and 4 will shed the pounds. Also, my HOT-ROX will be in this week (was on back-order), so I’ll be adding that to my diet.

The V-Burn challenge last Saturday was killer. I had one hell of a sweat going and finished in just under 24 minutes. (I’m doing the beginner routine due to being out of the gym for awhile, and due to the Achilles.)

Keep on pushing through mate,the results will be great but im sure most people like to jump on the scales between (official) weigh ins.Just keep on going and im sure the body fat will torch off you

Day 11 is down. Things are rolling along. Can’t wait for Saturday’s HSM.

I noticed that my wife posted my start date as 06-07-09, which is incorrect. My start date was 05-31-09.

Does anyone else have problems with the blogs showing you as being a level 0 when you are not? I’ve spent thousands on Biotest supplements and should be a level 4. It’s not a big deal, but frustrating nonetheless.

Still can’t wait for my HSM!

congrats on doing it as a team!!
my hubby is pushing me along, while i do the diet… we eat healthy as well…

i to have been wanting crazy things…
that i would have NEVER ate before
good luck

HOT-ROX finally came last night after being on back-order for awhile. I took two this morning before my NEPA walk and, wow, did it ever make a difference. I’ve never been a drug user, but I imagine that’s what it feels like (euphoria, invincibility, etc.). Shoot, I wanted to run instead of walk, but didn’t.

A curve ball was thrown at me today in that my work hours switch from M-F, 7:45am-3:45pm, to 4pm-midnight, with days off that are always different (I’m a police officer). No problems, I’ll make it work.

I just got done testifying in court in reference to a drug case where I arrested a young kid for paraphernalia (fairly routine). First of all, I can’t understand why anyone would want to be a defense lawyer, knowing that they’re going to be defending guilty jerk-offs 95% of the time. Doesn’t seem very rewarding to me… Second of all, I was spot-on during my testimony. I think the HOT-ROX actually helped my concentration and thought-process. Has anyone else had a similar experience with HOT-ROX?

Good day to you all.

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