Dumbell Thrusters/5:30am Workout time

Can I substitute Dumbell Thrusters for my Wednesday intermediate work out to substitute the squats and shoulder press the for the Push Presses? Also, I lift at 5:30 Am due to family obligations, is this recommended

I’d stick with the push press. Lower body training that day is already covered by the reverse lunges, so the squat part of the thruster is overkill. You can also use a slightly heavier weight for push presses than thrusters, so you get more strength and muscle work.

I don’t recommend it because that’s crazy-early and everyone should still be sleeping at that hour. :wink: But, for sure, training any time you can is better than not. Have the Plazma before and during training, like usual, and then follow the regular day’s plan for shakes and HSM.

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