Dumbbell Squat is Too Easy for Me

Hi guys.

I received all of the supplements and protein powder needed to do the Velocity Diet. I’m going to start it this Monday.

I’m going to go with the beginner training plan because I’ve been lifting weights for around a year and a half now. Today I thought I would get ready for Monday’s workout by trying all the exercises.

Out of the four exercises I only had problems with the dumbbell squat just because it was so easy for me to do even with using the heaviest dumbbell weights at our gym (115 pounds). Should I continue doing the Dumbbell Squat workout on Monday or should I change it up with something like back squats?

After I was done doing the “Monday” workout I tried the other exercises for Wednesday and Friday and had no problems finding the right starting weight to complete the necessary reps.

On Friday I will go back and fine tune the weights that I need to use for the Wednesday and Friday Velocity Diet beginner program exercises.


Dustin Michaels

I had the same problem and just switched to front squats with dumbbells.

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