Dseiler's V-Diet Logs

Greetings all! I suppose I should start here with a little back story. Most of my weight was piled on in my formative years and like most obese gents out there I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I won’t bore you to tears about the comfort I found in food, but suffice to say it was my security blanket amidst much insecurity.

Here’s a quick recap.

January 1st, 2007 - 365lbs
January 1st, 2008 - 285lbs
January 1st, 2009 - 235lbs
January 1st, 2010 - 264lbs

I came a long way (through exercise and low carb/restricted calories) only to take a major detour over the holidays. At this moment I am at 265. At this moment, the V-Diet is my hill to climb and put this damn thing to bed forever. It’s the physiological change I long for.

Wish me luck.

Starting Weight - 270
Neck 18
Shoulders 22
Upper Chest 46.5
Lower Chest 45.5
Waist (Navel) 50
Waist (Largest) 54
Hips 47
Upper Arm L - 17.5
Upper Arm R - 16
Upper Leg L - 30
Upper Leg R - 28
Lower Leg L - 18
Lower Leg R - 18
Ankle L - 12
Ankle R - 12

PS - It’s worth mention that I am following the diet to the letter, except for the HOT-ROX. According to the gurus, Adderall and HOT-ROX do not mix. Too much stimulant, I suppose.

Welcome to the team Bro. Good Luck!

Yeah, don’t mix those. You might ask Shugs what an appropriate substitute might be. Maybe some Carbolin 19-19 or something.

Good luck to you. If you read this forum a bunch and keep it updated, your chances of succeeding will improve greatly. The community is something you need.

Day 2 in the books.

First workout went good. Amazing how fast your body flips the switch from feeling like shit to feeling on top of the world.

I had the biggest craving for Dim Sum last night. That’s a very random thought but it’s where my mind goes sometimes.

It’s easily going to be the hardest thing I have ever done but I feel at this point if I can get through this…there’s nothing I can’t do. It’s 100% mind over matter.

Thanks for the well wishes. Onward and upward.

Day 3 and 4 in the books. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that I’ve gotta post here at least once a day.

Kicking ass so far. Might post pictures from Sunday to Sunday. Gun shy, of course.

Kickin’ ass is good. keep kickin’ ass man…we are all in this together!

I can’t believe I’ve made it 5 days without eating any solid foods. Everytime I had tried this diet previously I would last until Friday night and fail miserably. I was expecting the week to drag, but it went fast. It’s true when they say that time passes whether you act on something or not. Before I know it I’ll have 28 days under my belt.

I don’t know what’s going to be more exciting on Sunday, jumping on the scale or sitting down and really enjoying good healthy food. Mind over matter, 100%!

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