Dropping Pounds with Mag-10


In an effort to lose a few pounds in a non stressful way to the body (like tons of cardio or drastically reduced daily calories) I’ve come up with a great method that has allowed me to lose a pound of fat a week for the past few weeks, kind of a hybrid between the 5/2 diet and the Mag-10 pulse fast, very simple to execute.

I weight train 5 days a week with no cardio and eat maintenance calories and macros on those days. On my 2 off days (Thursday and Sunday) I have a Mag-10 pulse every few hours, from waking up until ~6pm, then I have two small whole food protein and fat meals, and also do a little cardio. While I don’t typically take fat burners in the off season, I take HOT ROX on these days as well for a little fat burning boost, and also to help focus and mood. I do the whole food meals because hunger really kicks in around 2pm, and by 6pm I’m extremely hungry, and feel no need to suffer this much in the off season. Doing the protein and fat meals allows me some solid food, better sleep, and still provides a huge caloric deficit and fat burning.

Here’s exactly what I do:
-7am wake, HOT ROX

-Mag-10 pulse every 2-3 hours (I have one within this window when I really feel I need one, usually 4 throughout the day).

-At some point in the day, a 30 minute medium intensity cardio session, usually on the elliptical, heart rate around 140-150. So, not easy low intensity, but certainly not HIIT. I make sure to have a Mag-10 pulse about 30 min before starting the cardio. I do not do fasted cardio, I always make sure to have a Mag-10 first to ensure no LBM loss and to keep burning fat during cardio.

-6pm dinner, consisting of 2 whole eggs, half cup of egg whites, 2 slices of farm raised bacon and some peppers/onions.

-9:30pm pre bed meal, consisting of fat free cottage cheese, Metabolic Drive protein, and 2TBSP of natural nut butter. (I vary between peanut butter and almond butter)

Using this method for the past 3 weeks I’ve been able to lose 3 pounds of fat in an easy way, without adding any cardio or cutting calories/carbs on my training days. A great way to reset insulin sensitivity, maintain leanness and even lose fat in the off season, while still supporting my training days with my usual carbs and cals. I am starting my next contest prep in 4 weeks and wanted to start leaner than last year, this has been a very easy way to do it!