Dropping Fat While Not Able to Exercise


I have an excessive amount of bodyfat that I need to get rid of, however I cant exercise because of an open wound on my body that needs to heal, thats a completely different story and I wont go into details. These are my surgeons orders though, so Im definitely not breaking them.

I still want to drop the fat, can you give me advice on how to do so? So far I’m limiting my carbs to 100g per day.

Im 6’4" 360 pounds.



Can you walk around?

Go for a walk for 30 mins a day and slowly build up up to an hour. Stop eating shitty foods, increase your protein take.

I’m guessing at your size you must consume a lot of calories to get to/maintain that weight, even some walking and dropping your calories will see you lose weight fast. Even replace 2 meals a day with Metabolic Drive or some kind of protein shake.

Stick to lean meats, veggies, fruit, nuts etc.

Good luck.


The 100 Gram Carb Cure is a good place to start, and I agree with Marzouk about a taking walks. A fat burner can help too, like HOT-ROX, but it’s mainly going to be about diet. The V-Diet isn’t for you at this time, but the Carb Cure is a good plan: