Dropping 2 Classes for Powerlifting in November

I have 23lbs to lose in 8 weeks.
I can dehydrate before weigh ins but I need help on how to diet and do this the right way with the lowest risk of strength loss!

High protien.

23 pounds in eight weeks shouldn’t be too bad, Dont think your going to lose strength during your training merely because your carbs will be decreased, or it will happen.

Ive run on fairly low carbs before and lost almost no strength.

Alot of it is in your head, believe your still as strong and you will be.

lots of eggs, lots of meats, carb up in the morning and after your workouts, but no carbs at night.

Basically all you can do is keep your fats and protien high.

What is your total by the way hot stuff ? thats a pretty serious squat in your pic, I like it.

8 weeks is a good amount of time. If you do 4 weeks of the V-Diet, followed by a strict 2 week transition, you’ll still have two weeks to slightly raise cals while still keeping carbs low. Unless you pig out, I doubt you’d gain much of anything. Dan John noted that he hit new PRs while doing the V-Diet, so you might want to read through his logs here on the site to see what he did.

Please keep us posted on how you do at the meet.

Alright thanks alot guys!!!

My gym PR are 405 squat
deadlift is 385lb and bench 220- 225lb ish

[quote]deadliftingdoll wrote:
My gym PR are 405 squat
deadlift is 385lb and bench 220- 225lb ish[/quote]

That is incredibly impressive.

Most of the guys I know at your weight dont total that high.

1000+ pound total no matter if its raw or geared is very impressive for a chick.


wow, I can deadlift close to 405, but I can not Squat that much.

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