Dropped 6 kg


before 98 kg, waist = 98 cm
after 92 kg, waist = 93 cm
all in four weeks ,the four solid meals were:
-brussel sprouts and chicken breasts
-liver with onions
-sardine and veggy
-mexican chilli


by the way, i did all the NEPAs in the morning after coffee. but i did my busy man version of the resistance training.
I used Pull up,push up ,lunges and planks app on my android.doing a a different exercise everyday
I jumped from 3 maximum pull ups to 6 ,from 34 push ups to 55 and i can complete a hundred lunges now.
I also do some boxing once in a while and my punching power has not changed,providing i have my solid meal the night before


Good job.


nice work…
“tyler durden says…use soap”