Drinking on the V-Diet

haha, no not alcohol, but i want people to read this and post! So what AM i allowed to drink while i am on the diet? all i have ben drinking is water and protien lol, am i allowed fruit juices, or sugar less drinks of any kind? i know it would help me stay better hidrated but i dont wanna cheat!!!

Coffee, tea, I’d say treat yourself to a sugar free pop, energy drink, juice mix (crystal light) occasionally. Fruit juices have sugar and calories, so none of that.

really that liberal huh? thats more than i would have thought. so just stay away from sugar is the answer then?

No additional calorie-containing beverages. Not even a few calories.

“But, Chris, what about…”

“Does it contain calories?”

“Um, yeah, but…”

“Then you can’t drink it.”

“But, but, but…”

“Fine. Stay fat and die then.”

“Dude. Harsh.”

haha your a badass, lol

Drink lots of water. Just plain water. Even those crystal light’s have calories. The water even helps with the fat loss. Being always hydrated will also boost your energy.
I would assume Coke Zero is fine. But i would still not drink more than 1 of those small bottles a day.

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