Dreams of Eating!

I am on day three and all is going fairly well, but last night I had a dream of eating all different kinds of fast food. It was crazy!

It reminded me of when I quit smoking; after a period of abstinence, I would have these dreams/nightmares of having a cigarette and would awake startled, but then relieved to find it was only a dream. It was a relief this morning to find that I did not binge on fast food, but it was just a using dream.

It also made me realize that my relationship with food is as unhealthy as my relationship with any other drug I have battled.

Best of luck to you all.


Breaking bad food habits is VERY much like breaking any addiction.

I wrote about this in my latest article here:

This is why I always laugh when a guy tries to go on a “bulking” diet and includes junk foods. He’ll say, “I’ll just eat that stuff for a while to get in extra calories, then drop the junk food later and lose the fat.”

Which, for many people, is like saying “I’ll smoke crack for a little while, then just stop later…” Uh huh. Sure you will.

Anyway, this is why I often refer to the V-Diet as food rehab.

I haven’t even started yet and I’m hungry :slight_smile:

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