Dr. Roussell and Protein Pulsing


Chris, in Mike Roussell’s recent article on protein pulsing I asked him about the practice of having a MAG-10 pulse immediately upon awakening, then a whole food breakfast 1/2-1 hr. later. He said in his opinion that that would not be an optimal way to pulse, as you would be having a protein rich meal shortly after pulsing.

In response I asked if there was any additional advantage to having a MAG-10 pulse over a whole food protein rich breakfast; Dr. Roussell replied that in his opinion there is little to no additional benefit. The article posits that the most effective way to pulse is between meals to spike leucine and protein synthesis without creating the more “time release” effect of whole food protein sources, which potentially creates a blunting of protein synthesis. He did say that having a MAG-10 upon awakening, then a whole food meal 2 hrs. later would work.

First, do you agree that there is little to no benefit to having a pulse 1/2 hr. before a meal? I do understand his reasoning based on the study cited that between meal pulsing where the meals are 5hr. or more apart is optimal, but I was under the impression that the SPEED of the rise in leucine levels is an important factor in the degree to which protein synthesis is increased. Am I wrong about this?

In a sense Dr. Roussell was saying that it’s kind of wasting an opportunity to spike protein synthesis by having a pulse before a meal that is going to spike protein synthesis anyway. Instead use the pulses as additional opportunities to spike protein synthesis between meals.

Is there any additional anabolic effects to the speed of absorption of MAG-10 over a whole food protein source?




One thing we’ve seen since <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 has been released and used widely in various ways is that, well, it’s almost impossible for it NOT to work in some capacity.

In other words, it may be best to use it between meals with a couple of hours on either side for the pulse effect; however, there are other, different benefits from using it before a meal. And John Meadows has his pro-bodybuilders and other clients using Mag-10 WITH snacks sometimes. In short, it all works, though perhaps through slightly different ways. So while some methods may be optimal for the “pulse” effect, it’s still good stuff to get you if you’re training hard and wanting to build muscle.

That’s a very simple way of stating it, but that’s the gist. Personally, I don’t even sweat the details anymore. I pulse after training every workout and use Mag-10 for conditioning-only sessions, but other times I’ll use it between meals or even with a meal if I want one. The positive benefits just can’t seem to be blunted.