DP's V-Diet


Ok, so I am on day 5 right now. I am starting this log a few days in because I wanted to make sure I was going to do it before posting.

I am a huge fan of Dan John and first heard of the V-Diet when he first did it a few years ago. I am 33 (almost 34) years old. I have been competitively olympic lifting the last 5 years. However, I am a skinny fat with bad genetics and hit a plateau I couldn’t break, even with hours and days and months and years doing cleans, squats, snatches, etc.

Olympic lifting got to be all consuming and I just stopped making progress. I do love it and maybe someday will get back into it when I am a master lifter.

I decided to do the V-Diet because I saw a picture of myself with my shirt off and almost puked. Since I have bad genetics, my weight is carried in my love handles, butt and thighs. Regular dieting doesn’t really have the impact I want it to have.

I also wanted to do the V-Diet because of the mental (and physical) challenge of it. No shit, it’s been hard so far. I keep fantasizing about food. I imagine this is what it’s like for someone to quit smoking.

I only took one measurement because I figured if I lost weight in the waist, I would be satisfied.

Sex: Male
Weight: 192
Waist: 39 inches

I took before pics and see if I can upload them.

Will report back soon.






The front. This is the puke side. You can tell what years of oly lifting do. No chest.


I forgot to mention I am following the intermediate strength plan.

I am also 5’11


Finishing Day 8.

Weigh in:

Day 0: 192
Day 8: 186

Haven’t missed a workout or cheated at all on the diet.

HSM today. I went to a Brazilian Churrascaria. Ate a bunch of different red meats. Also string beans and cucumber/tomatoe salad. No real grains to speak of. Ice tea to drink and an espresso after.

I wanted to go to a place where I could taste a bunch of different food. Didn’t stuff myself, took my time and savored every bite.

Included meat: Filet mignon, top sirloin, bottom sirloin, tenderloin, ribs, chicken, and sausage.

Not sure how healthy this is, but I am not regretting the decision.


Day 14. HSM day.


Day 0: 192
Day 7: 186
Day 14: 184.4

I am not going to measure my waist until the last day. I don’t care much about the scale weight. I can tell i’ve lost weight. People say they can see it in my face.

The diet is fairly easy at this point. I have been doing the prescribed intermediate workouts.

The only discouraging part is looking at some people’s before and after and not seeing a big difference. However, I am taking the approach that at least it’s a mental challenge. Hopefully, I will see some difference (body-wise) in 2 weeks.


Hot and Sour soup
California Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
Kung Pao Steak with brown rice
Ice Tea

It was good.


Day 21 today. Weighed in at 184.

Day 0: 192
Day 14: 184.4
Day 21: 184

Definitely not seeing the changes in the scale that I would’ve hoped for. I was hoping to be down about 12 lbs by now. I am following the diet exactly. I am waiting until day 28 to measure and take pictures. Through day 21, I am proud of myself for keeping the diet going and not cheating or quitting, but as of right now, I am not sure it was worth the money or unpleasantness of the diet. The pictures will be the tell-tale sign.


So I finished the diet. I lost about 11 lbs.

One thing is official, I could be the poster boy for skinny fat. I was disappointed with what I looked liked under a layer of fat. But of course that’s not the diet’s fault.

The diet was hard but it worked. I am definitely changing my eating habits.

Again, I am so disappointed after years of lifting heavy that I look so weak. I am seriously considering just going the opposite direction and going to stay skinny and not worry about every building muscle. I am 33, so my window is probably pretty much closed anyways.

I will try to post the after pics.