DPlayer's V-Diet Log

Hello, I am on day 2 of the V-Diet & it is going pretty well. I talked my GF into doing it along with me to make it easier. I’ve been slacking in the gym & enjoying a few too many IPAs this summer. Time to get busy!!!

Here are some before pics & my measurements. Wish us luck!

Height - 6.2"
Weight: 196
Neck: 16
Chest - Upper:40
Chest - Lower:37.75
Waist - at Navel:39
Waist - at largest:39
Hips - at largest:44
Upper Arm - L:13.25
Upper Arm - R:13.25
Upper Leg - L:21
Upper Leg - R:21.25
Lower Leg - L:16
Lower Leg - R:16
Ankle - L:9
Ankle - R:8.75

Side pic

Back shot

On day 7 of the V-Diet & am noticing positive results.

I’ve been doing 4 miles of walking (4mph) every day along the SF Bay for my NEPA. Workouts have been pretty killer, haven’t sweated like this in the gym in some time.

I had my first HSM last Thursday & felt like I ate a 1/2 lb of pasta, was super stuffed.

2 4oz grilled chicken breasts.
2 cup of organic mixed greens with cucumbers & olive oil & vinaigrette.

Today is my first velocity workout, should be interesting.

BTW, I’m down 4lbs this week and and am noticeabley leaner. I’m thinking it’s water weight, but it’s still encouraging!!

Hang in there fellow V-Dieters!!


Hey dplayer it sounds like you are off to a productive start. You’re lucky your girlfriend is doing it with you. Also, you can’t complain about walking along the SF bay everyday, that’s sounds sweet. I am on day 3, and I live right on the ocean in S. Florida. I wish I had gotten into this NEPA walking earlier, it’s peaceful getting a walk in like that. Let us know how your training and dieting progresses.

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