Down 3lbs in 5 Days. Slow Progress?


hi Chris

I have a log in the DIET LOG section - but i have a question - i am on DAY 5 today, Down to 194.8lbs (from 198) I feel like this is slow progress? Can anyone share some light? I am beginging to wonder if this diet is even right for me?

Diet is 100% on point, workout is as well, water is at 4 litres/day approx.


Are you kidding me? 3 pounds in 5 days is remarkably fast.

Most “experts” claim you can only lose a pound per week.

Now, stay off the scale or you’ll drive yourself nuts with natural fluctuations. Take tape measurements as instructed and weigh only once per week if you must. It’s not about scale weight anyway. Lose 5 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle and people will notice, yet the scale will show nothing.


oh man 3 pounds in 5 days is really good. I’m not bothering with the scale; however using the tape measure and just looking in the mirror I can see where i’ve cut fat and gained some muscle mass.


thank guys i really appreciate the vote of confidence…i needed that!

I will take your advice…less on the scale. and using the tape more.

i will report back on my diet log post my measurements/weight.


Heres my progress so far - 1 week done

            Starting	Week 1	Difference

Weight 198 194 -4
BodyFat % 40% 39% -1%
Muscle % 40% 40% 0%
neck 15.5 14.75 -0.75
Chest @ nipple 40 39 -1
Waist @ Navel 38 37 -1
Hips @ largest 43 42.25 -0.75
Right Bicep - Relaxed 15.5 15 -0.5
Right Bicep - Flexed 16.5 16.4 -0.1
Right Calf @ largest 16.5 16 -0.5
Right Thigh @ middle 25.75 23.75 -2


looks like you’ve lost some solid size- keep going.