Double-Workout Question

Just ordered my supps, looking forward to getting started on the V-Diet.

Because of my job, I’m going to end up with double-workouts MWF and wanted to know if I’m ok to have half the Surge shake after the first WO (early morning) and the second half after my second one (early evening).

I’ve been doing double workouts for a while now, I know it’s not ideal but it is what it is and I’ve adjusted so this isn’t anything new or unusual. Just want to make sure I’m sticking to the diet as best I can.

That would be fine.

Thanks Chris.

Can I ask another question - every link I have found for the Pulse Fast just leads me to the Biotest store - am I missing something, and/or could you post the pulse fast protocol here so I can check it out? Not thinking of doing it during the V-Diet, but possibly looking to use it afterwards.

Thanks again, I can’t wait to get started (and to be done, if I’m honest)

The formulas for the Pulse Fast supplements changed so the Pulse Fast needed re-designed. The article did not perfectly fit the new formulas. But basically a Pulse Fast is drinking MAG-10 all day with no solid food. Some Power Drive and Alpha GPC were used too. I’d use Brain Candy these days though.

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