Double Dosing Indigo-3G? Morning Workout & Rest of the Day


If funds will allow, would I benefit more by taking my first dose (6pills) in the early morning followed by Plazma pre-workout, then 6 hours or so later take another dose (6pills) to have the rest of my daily food intake covered by the benefits Indigo?


I believe current dosage is once (6 caps) per day before your biggest carb meal or carb ingestion. There used to be a “double dose” protocol but I think it’s changed to once per day. So, it sounds like you train in the morning, so if you have your Indigo-3G, then Plazma, then a whole food meal with carbs post workout, that would be the ideal time to take it. It also depends on what you’re eating. Indigo helps shuttle carbs where you want them, so if you take pre training, but are having 500-600g carbs a day and you have a slower metabolism, a double dose might be helpful. If you’re having a moderate amount of carbs throughout the rest of your day, one dose a day should be sufficient. On my high carb days (twice a week in the off season) I take 2 doses, but I do not have the best metabolism so I do it that way just to make sure all the carbs are being put to good use.


That makes perfect sense Rob. My thoughts were exactly in line with yours. Thank you for your advice.


Happy to help!


Thanks Rob about to start and I had necro bumped a thread to figure out how I should be dosing. First time with indigo. Sounds like I can just dose preworkout. Will be also using plazma and mag 10.


@kinein glad to help! Pre workout is always a good time. I took my Indigo-3G 30 minutes ago, just had my 2 Finibars and am getting ready to head to the gym. With Plazma and Mag-10 you should notice some great performance and recovery, be sure to keep us updated.