Double Dose MAG-10 PWO, Less Muscle Pain



Today I trained back and normally I take 1 serving MAG-10 directly post-workout and 1 hour later another serving of MAG-10. (with pre- and during training 3 servings PLAZMA.
Today I took the 2 servings MAG-10 directly post-workout and the solid meal a hour after the double serving pulse, and I have much less muscle pain!
When this come from the double serving of MAG-10 then it is awesome!
This means faster recovery and more muscle growth.

Are there more users of PLAZMA and MAG-10 that tried a double dosing of MAG-10 directly post-workout! And what are your experience with the double dosing of MAG-10?



We’ve had a couple of our pro bodybuilders and athletes experiment with double-dose post-workout <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10. (One of my NFL guys is trying it at mini-camp next week.) We’ve heard some good feedback so far!