Dosing 'Options'

This pertains to the Biotest supplements that give an option for dosing, e.g.:

Indigo 3G – 4-6 caps
Carbolin 19 – 1-2 caps 2 times daily

How should we be deciding which dosage to take? Is it to do with bodyweight? I’d presume that a 200lb individual would need a higher dosage of active compounds than a 150lb individual.

I’m wondering because I have taken the lower ends of these doses in order to ‘stretch’ bottles (Carbolin 19 can last 1 month or 2 weeks, depending on the dose!), but I also wouldn’t want to be shortchanging myself.

Some insight would be much appreciated.

Good question.
I take Indigo-3G “4 to 6 caps” : so I take 5 :slight_smile:
But is there any “bodyweight-dosage-rule”?

Label directions are kinda tricky. They’re pretty much designed to give an effective dose for the majority of people under the majority of conditions, so a range is sometimes necessary with some supps to account for some natural variations while still getting people an effective dose.

With Indigo-3G, Bill Roberts actually got discussed effective dosing in this thread. Your point about using the lower end of the recommendation to stretch a bottle is something that some people do, yep, and it can work fine striking a compromise between “max effective dose” and “max-budget effective dose”.

But there’s no real “bodyweight rule” because Indigo is designed to be effective within the context of your diet, whether you’re a 150-pound woman eating 1,900 calories or a 250-pound guy eating 4,300 calories.

Something like Carbolin-19 or Hot-Rox, the dosing range is a little more involved because those are supps where you may want to start on the lower end, asses how you feel (particularly since they have some stimulant effects), and consider increasing the dose over time.

As long as you’re using the minimum recommended on any bottle, you’re not short-changing anything. You’re still getting a solid dose of whatever it is.

Cool cool, thanks for the thorough response, Chris, and thanks for the link – was a great read.

W.r.t this:

As someone who doesn’t ‘feel’ anything perceptible at 2 or 4 caps of Carbolin 19 per day, is there any reason to believe that I would getter ‘better’ results from 4 per day (as opposed to 2)?

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