Dosing for Indigo-3G First-Time User


Hey everyone! I’m about to start taking the indigo 3G I notice the dosage is 4-6 on empty stomach before dinner and as well on workout days take 4-6 a half hour before Workout supplementation… I only get to the gym to workout around 5 and usually eat dinner around 8… I’ve read that the doses should be taken 6 hours apart is there any other way I could take a dosage other then before dinner like maybe first thing in the morning before breakfast then again later on before workout supplementation??? All help and tips appreciated!


It’s just once a day. Either before dinner or, on training days, before the workout.

So when you take it before training, you’re still covered because Indigo is in your system and working for about six hours.


Ahhh gotcha thanks for clearing that up!