Dosing: Does Indigo Build Up?

I have read the changes in dosing since the new release of Indigo, 6 pills once a day compared to 6 pills twice a day. What I can’t seem to find is if Indigo builds up in your system.

I have found clear advice against skipping Indigo on your off-days as well as to always keep carbs with Indigo (hence no zero carb off-days).

Is this because one, Indigo builds up and becomes more effective over time, and/or two, simply that being able to eat and absorb more carbs on your off-days enhances growth and recovery?

Indigo-3G doesn’t “build up” in your system and there’s no loading type of period. It starts working immediately but it does take some time to get your body trending in the right direction - partitioning nutrients toward muscle gain instead of fat storage. Theoretically, longer term use of Indigo-3G could “fix” many issues when it comes to dysfunctional fat cells and nutrient uptake mechanisms. The original Indigo-3G article gets into some details there: <a href=""target=“new”>Original Indigo-3G Article. (Note that some of that info is dated since the dosing plan and formula has been improved since then.)

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